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The Signs of Political Idolatry

The last week has been both a relief and burden for me.  I am relieved that we have finally progressed past the campaign/election season in America.  But I am burdened by the manner in which we engaged one another and … Continue reading

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Is Church Membership Biblical?

As we prepare to facilitate The Embassy Church’s first covenant membership class for our new members I saw fit to post a blog that affirms such an action on our part.  By what authority do we call people to enter … Continue reading

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The Testimony of Keith Clerihue

Keith, my dear brother, in now basking in the glorious presence of his heavenly father. My heart aches as I am grieving his absence. But I am celebrating his entrance into eternal joy. I will miss him deeply, but he … Continue reading

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What are we doing? (The Four Questions Series)

In our last blog post we visited four questions that we wanted to spend some time unpacking.  We asked, 1) What are we doing? (The Mission) 2) Why are we doing it? (The Values) 3) How are we going to get it done? … Continue reading

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Why do we do what we do? (The Four Questions)

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the anecdotal tale of a young bride who was preparing her first family dinner.  As she was about to put a large roast into the oven to begin baking, her mother … Continue reading

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A Theology of Suffering – The Testimony of Keith Clerihue

A few years ago I met a brilliant, quick-witted man named Keith Clerihue. We were on staff at the same Church in the Denver metro area and his office was down the hall from mine. He is not a man … Continue reading

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The greatest sermon I have ever heard

About fifteen years ago a came across a sermon by Dr. John Piper entitled, “Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain.”  Obviously the title was an attention getter so I set time aside and listened to it.  I had no idea … Continue reading

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