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Why Team Leadership?

The popular idea of leadership presents the picture of a person that is courageous and omni-competent.  The leader has no weaknesses and is able to take a group of people on their back and go on to victory.  However, both … Continue reading

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Can INefficiency be a virtue?

Currently I am in Tacoma, WA with one of my Embassy teammates, Derrick Kelsey. We are attending a great training gathering known as Soma School. We are here to process how they execute missional community and Gospel-centered gatherings because it … Continue reading

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“The Embassy” – Why did we choose this name?

What is an Embassy? An embassy is a mission to a foreign government headed by an ambassador.  It has the responsibility of representing the agenda of the home state while residing in a foreign land.  We can think of no … Continue reading

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Why are we targeting the city?

Typically, one writes a story of transformation in retrospect. They look back at what God has done and celebrate how far they have come. This story, however, is different. It is not written as we look back, instead we are … Continue reading

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On a mission…

To rep the King well in our city.

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